Thursday, March 31, 2011

it's old, we know, but we just started: dewhurst leads all

yes, we know, it's an old poll - a lot can happen in three months but here is a poll by the Houston Chronicle:

Dewhurst 31%
Chet Edwards 24% - see our note below on Democrats
John Sharp 20% - see below
Michael Williams 11%
Elizabeth Ames Jones - 8%
Roger Williams 4%
Tom Leppert 1%

Analysis: forget the Democrats, Bill White proved a Dem will not win a statewide race in Texas for some time. He had the DNC, DGA, Move On, Etc. on his side and he couldn't beat a thought-to-be vulnerable Rick Perry.  We don't think EAJ will be a serious candidate either. Just two bits here.

Online Polls

We're going to try and find all the online polls we can find, if you find one - let us know at

follow the candidates twitter feeds here!

You will notice to the right there are the twitter feeds for the four candidates, in reverse alphabetical order, so you can keep up right here!

Welcome to The Battle to Replace Kay BH

Perhaps it is a bit early, because until KBH actually is physically no longer our US Senator - things are a bit premature. Anyhow, we are making the leap of faith that she will indeed not run for re-election and have begun tracking her potential succesors: David Dewhurst, Tom Leppert, Michael Williams, and Roger Williams. And so no claims of bias exists, it's all alphabetical.

We will also be tweeting from time to time as well @replacingkaybh.

Enjoy the circus, it's going to be fun!