Thursday, April 14, 2011

Did Ted Cruz Really Bomb in Collin County?

Just got this email (well just opened it) from a friend up north in McKinney:
"You should have seen how bad Ted Cruz did at the Collin County Lincoln Day Dinner, he was awful. Granted they gave him a spot while the food was being delivered and everyone was being asked to eat before Congressman West spoke, but man it was bad. We all know he wanted to be AG of Texas, and he sure sounds like he is still running for that. He walked in and out of the spotlight so you couldn't see him and his speech was dryer than a martini.
Not sure why he was the only one allowed to speak, either. Roger Williams and Tom Leppert were both there - in fact Leppert was a donor from what I could tell. It doesn't bode well for Cruz to bomb in such a voter rich county. It would be tough to be compared to West, he is a dynamic speaker...but there really is no excuse for tanking it this bad.
Ouch. This comes from a past consultant now retired activist and a wise old sage of politics.