Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May Social Media Stats

It's the first of the month, and it's time for our Social Media stats to be released. Important note: Again, it's important to we are also, for Facebook, using their official site and not their personal site. We have received some nasty criticism from one candidate regarding this issue - you're the campaign, it's your responsibility. It's the job of the candidate to get friends over to the official site.

Ted Cruz 60,071 +2,506*
Roger Williams 7,400 +679
Tom Leppert 1,616 +187
Michael Williams 7,975  +54
David Dewhurst: 21,215 -552

 Important Note: As we will continue to point out until we have a clear ruling from a legal standpoint, Ted Cruz is the leader in facebook fans but a bulk of those came as a result of facebook ads he purchased as a candidate for Attorney General. We've also come across news related to him and Facebook that we're investigating that may not be good news for the Cruz campaign.

Notice that one candidate actually lost Facebook fans and that was the Lt. Governor, which could be a result of his killing the TSA groping bill which he has flip flopped on. Very interesting.

Ted Cruz 12,253 followers @tedcruz +1,615
Michael Williams 2,371 followers @williamsfortx +708
David Dewhurst 4,978 followers @dewhurst4texas +251
Roger Williams 1,108 followers @rogerforsenate +202Tom Leppert 1,592 followers @tomleppert +193

Tom Leppert 405 +124
Roger Williams +64Ted Cruz +39
Michael Williams +24
David Dewhurst +21

Analysis: Tom Leppert is working twitter hard but isn't seeing it result in increased followers which has to be causing some heartburn within his campaign when you consider he isn't adding that many Facebook fans either. His is the newest campaign and has the most to gain right now, and he hasn't been able to do that. Michael Williams is also seemingly blowing an opportunity considering he is adding so many new twitter followers but isn't giving them much news to retweet. Likewise with Ted Cruz, he doubled the amount of new followers but lags behind on the number of tweets. Roger Williams stats were flat as well on the number of new twitter followers and is in last place overall on the total watching his words. And David Dewhurst, he had the most news this month with the closing of the session and one would have thought he would be a twitter hog - but not so much + he lost followers on Facebook. A really bad month continues the speculation he is going to bypass this race.

UPDATE: Props to the Roger Williams Campaign for a direct tweet back asking us if we wanted to interview Roger and to Michael Williams retweet back on the issue of the Constitutional Convention!