Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pro-Amnesty Organization FreedomWorks endorses Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz received the endorsement of Dick Armey's group FreedomWorks yesterday according to David Catanese of Politico. FreedomWorks is a Washington D.C. based group. Keep in mind that Dick Armey and FreedomWorks has a pro Amnesty record.

One of America's leading conservative voices, Michelle Malkin, has consistently pointed the flaws of Dick Armey.

I have wonderful, grass-roots friends at Freedomworks.
Dick Armey is not one of them.
He’s a clueless promoter of bailout-happy, big government Republican Sen. John McCain. And Armey’s a blowhard-y Beltway dinosaur who can’t resist shooting off his mouth and alienating the Tea Party base while criticizing other conservatives of alienation. At the National Press Club to promote the D.C. protest against Demcare, Armey veered off into a liberal platitude-littered rant against conservatives who believe in strict enforcement of our immigration laws.
Understand that FreedomWorks is a pro-amnesty organization.
NumbersUSA details Armey’s pro-amnesty record. It’s abysmal.

In boasting about exercising his Beltway power to keep folks like Tom Tancredo off the stage, Armey embodies everything the Tea Party movement is supposed to stand against — top-down control, political hubris, silencing of dissent. With “friends” like Dick Armey, who needs enemies?
Ouch. Understand Dick Armey has said that he does not want walls to be built on the border.

Here he says it's ok to illegally cross the border if you love your babies akin to running a stop light at night if no one is around.

Does Ted Cruz believe in open borders as much as Dick Armey?