Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cruz Changes Caption on Website Photo

Ted Cruz sent out a press release touting his finishing first in a poll of the The Greater Houston Council of Republican Women straw poll with a link to their website. Those first to view it noticed it had a caption that said “Join the Greater Houston Council of Republican Women in supporting Ted Cruz.”

HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM. That is the by-laws of the Texas Federation of Republican Women.
Section 1. Candidate Endorsement:
The President of the Texas Federation of Republican Women, the Vice President - Campaign Activities, and local clubs, their Presidents and Campaign Activities Chairmen shall not publicly endorse any candidate for public office in contested Republican Primaries, Runoff Elections, Special Elections and/or non-partisan elections when more than one Republican is in the race.
Apparently someone inside the Ted Cruz campaign didn't get that memo before publishing this on their website...unil a few minutes ago because the graphic has now changed to read "Join the Growing Number of Grassroots Activists supporting TED CRUZ."

Wonder why a man who is a lawyer and bases his campaign on ethics would violate a core ethic of the group he is highlighting. The TFRW is very strong in its desire to keep its clubs and officers from making an endorsement.  The Cruz campaign is most likely to say "supporting" does not mean "endorsing," but then why did they remove the original caption?

This is likely to become a problem to Republican women.

UPDATE: Why did the Ted Cruz campaign wait six days to release the poll? In the email to supporters, Cruz said "last week" and referenced a little known blog that had the post. The blog community is wondering about this straw poll now, with Big Jolly Politics tweeting "@bjpolitics: Curious if other candidates participated or if this was a backyard win for @tedcruz " If this was such big news, why keep it under wraps for so long. Also, why didn't any Houston news outlets cover this?

SECOND UPDATE: Here are the before and after photos used on the website, thanks to an activist in Houston who shared this with us:

Before and after:

We've added a blog post about the change via email blast, apparently someone is keeping up with our blog.