Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dewhurst Roasted by's Erick Erickson - OUCH!

Yesterday, we pointed out that David Dewhurst was advocating for higher spending because he was using a weird logic that it would just get rolled to local property taxes. As a party that believes in local control, it seems odd that a Republican would choose big government instead especially when it's believed he is running for the Senate.

We've written here and tweeted that rumors continue to circulate that he will bypass the Senate for the Governor's mansion.

And this hist today, leading conservative Erick Erickson of roasted Dewhurst by calling him DewCrist after Florida's former Republican turned Independent because he couldn't get the GOP Nomination for Senate.
"Next year’s U.S. Senate primary in Texas offers a wide range of choices....and then there is Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, or as I like to call him, DewCrist."
Much like the former Governor of Florida turned ambulance chaser, DewCrist’s conduct as lieutenant governor has been consistent: whatever advances his political aspirations at that moment, his continuing to play both sides of the fence is costing Texas conservatives a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make historic policy gains.
It only gets worse for Dewhurst:
For the past three years, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has promoted a responsible agenda for improving Texas public universities. The measures in the package are intended to increase transparency and accountability, emphasize quality teaching, and rein in the runaway costs.
Recent polls show that Texas voters overwhelmingly support these higher education reforms. After all, who could possibly be against making teaching a higher priority, reducing university operating costs, and making universities more transparent and accountable?
University administrators, tenured professors, and alumni elitists – that’s who. And now, apparently David DewCrist.
At the start of the session, DewCrist named Sen. Judith Zaffirini, a liberal Democrat and the University of Texas’ best friend in the Legislature, to chair the Senate’s higher education committee. Just this week Zaffirini said in an interview, “Rick Perry doesn’t understand higher education. He doesn’t have a graduate degree, and he graduated a long time ago with a major in something like agriculture. I have a PhD, so I understand the value of research and teaching. He just doesn’t understand it.
In other words, DewCrist has handed over education reform in Texas to an elitist, arrogant snob.
I would have thought that the 2010 gubernatorial primary would have been enough to convince DewCrist that the path to the Republican nomination no longer went through the Dallas Country Club. But I guess conservative voters are going to have to convey that message again next spring.
Dewhursts actions this session could have been geared towards a Senate run, but it doesn't appear that way. With the gains in the House and Senate towards conservatives, he could have conceivably become the champion much like Governor Perry did to get re-elected. Instead, Dewhurst has been a man without a spine and favoring liberals over conservatives. We thought he was eyeing the Governorship, now we wonder what party he will run under.