Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Leppert Now Caught in ACORN Video

Democrats just don't get elected in Texas to statewide office anymore...this can only explain why a person who has ties to SEIU, raising taxes, incresing the debt on Dallas, being a sanctuary city mayor, and now ties to ACORN is running as a Republican - because there is nothing in his background that is conservative.

Today a video surfaced clearly showing Tom Leppert campaigning at an ACORN office while running for m]Mayor of Dallas. (HT to Matt Dowling for getting the video).

A friend reports that Leppert is largely avoiding these issues at events he speaks at, one has to wonder if the public doesn't know or doesn't care. After seeing what happened with Kay Bailey Hutchison, one has to assume they don't know yet. If that is the case, Tom Leppert's candidacy is doomed.