Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Whose Watching Us Now: Ted Cruz Is...

We wrote earlier about CaptionGate, where the initial version of Ted Cruz's website mentioned an implied endorsement of Cruz by the Greater Houston Council of Republican Women - except the Texas Federation of Republican Women explicitly forbids endorsements in contested Republican primaries.

Well, apparently the Ted Cruz campaign is following our little blog because a new email has gone out to their database (which we're on) explaining they messed up without saying the messed up:


And after:
The change that was added is "According to their by-laws, Republican Women's Clubs are forbidden from endorsing candidates in Republican primaries. The Greater Houston Council of Republican Women is therefore not endorsing any candidate in the Republican primary race for U.S. Senate."

Hmmmm, interesting. Seems the Cruz campaign was forced to make a change. We're not going to completely take credit, but we could. Either way, this will be an issue that is sure to come up in a direct mail piece later in the campaign.

As a lawyer, one would think that Ted Cruz would be the most ethical candidate for the Senate. Perhaps he is and just has a campaign staff that failed him. Either way, this is a very avoidable mistake.

But we know we're being watched somehow, makes us think of that old GEICO Commercial: