Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lawyer Ted Cruz fights against America's Founding Fathers, wants ConCon

Many of us believe the United States Constitution is a grand document that just needs to be followed, it's already been written properly. Ted Cruz apparently disagrees as an advocate for a ConCon, or a Constitutional Convention.

Understand that Ted Cruz is a product of an Ivy League and this is where the ConCon has its  most strength. Problem is, the Tea Party movement is certainly not a product of the Ivy League and in fact are fighting against that elitism of the Northeast.

There are many pitfalls to a Constitutional Convention, the number one being the main stream media. We already have an uphill battle during the Presidential campaigns, asking for a fair and balanced debate is simply unattainable.

Once called, it is a free-for-all making the risk of a Constitutional Convention uncontrollable. Once the convention starts there is no provision in the constitution, or in law, to limit the convention to any one agenda item

Imagine if you will if the radical left hijacks the Convention, it could mean:
- Repeal of the Second Amendment (the gun-grabbers would love this)
- Repeal of the 10th Amendment (not that it is enforced anyhow)
- Repeal of presidential term limits
- Recognition of International Law as a part of our Supreme Court decision-making (it's already being done despite its unconstitutionality)
- Re-write of the Fourteenth Amendment by excluding the ‘under the jurisdiction thereof’ phrase to include children born of Illegal Aliens

So all the protections we have had and the advances we've made on the 2nd amendment could be for naught.

As someone who is running on fighting for the constitution, allowing the radical left to obliterate it is a funny way of showing it love. It is becoming increasingly stunning how un-conservative Ted Cruz really is. The  liberals argue that the Constitution is a living-breathing documents versus conservatives who believe otherwise - knowing our founding fathers got it right. As an advocate for a ConCon, it seems Ted Cruz is a NoCon(servative.) At least according to conservative stalwart Phyllis Schlafly.