Friday, May 20, 2011

Ted Cruz forgets it's "on behalf of the Office of Attorney General"

If you've listened to Ted Cruz speak, you have to love his story of how his father immigrated to America and how he argued so many cases in front of the Supreme Court.

There is just one issue regarding his being Solicitor General, and that is he would not have argued one case if not for the fact that Attorney Greg Abbott were not the AG.

When one goes to official Attorney General website for the Solicitor General, they read "As the chief appellate lawyer for the State of Texas, the Solicitor General supervises all appellate litigation on behalf of the Office of the Attorney General."  Key words here are "on behalf of the Office of Attorney General."

Yesterday, Ted Cruz appeared on the Hugh Hewitt Show and masterfully listed all of this cases he argued in front of the Supreme Court. What he didn't mention was that it was "on behalf of the Office of Attorney General." That part seems to never to get mentioned by Ted Cruz.

There are rumors that Greg Abbott is growing tired of hearing Cruz take 100% of the credit because what does that do for Abbott. If things shakedown as it appears they will, Dewhurst will run for the Governorship leaving Greg Abbott to run for Lt. Governor. Will he get a free pass in the race or will others run against him, if so, he will want to run on his AG record. But now Ted Cruz is taking full credit for that.

Ted Cruz has never run for political office, which is a good thing. Taking credit for something that is not exclusively your doing, however, is not a good thing.  Listen to his interview with Hugh Hewitt and judge for yourself, excuse the pun, on whether or not you think he is 100% responsible for all his SG activities. More than one person has contacted ReplacingKayBailey to bring this to our attention, both from Austin and across the country. If this is his #1 reason for being qualified to be a Senator, it could be a huge hit to his campaign.

UPDATE: An email just came in that says, "Ted Cruz wants to take credit for everything, hmmm, has he heard of a google search? Google Texas Defends Pledge of Allegiance and you see all kinds of articles on Attorney General Greg Abbott. The Ten Commandments case was where the Governor was sued, and Rick Perry has taken credit for standing up against that lawsuit. Ted is disingenuous on this one."