Friday, May 20, 2011

Just In: Does Ted Cruz speak spanish?

just got a message from a GOP Activist in the valley, "did you know Ted Cruz cannot speak Spanish?" If this is true, what does this say about a candidate whose touting the heritage of his father (who learned to speak English) yet himself didn't learn the language of his father?

There is a strong difference between the Cuban communities and the Latin communities in how they view each other, with Texas having a much larger Latin community. If it is true that Ted Cruz cannot speak Spanish, that is a big blow considering he may have a problem with the other reason he's running for Senate.

UPDATE: Another activist in Bexar County just wrote in, "imagine if Michael Williams had never visited an oil or gas well, but runs on being the Railroad Commissioner, would he have any credibility? or what if Roger Williams had never driven a car, being a car dealer would be laughable with his business background. Ted Cruz runs on two things: his arguing cases in front of the Supreme Court and his father coming here from Cuba. Ted can't speak spanish and was born in Canada. People don't know this about him."