Friday, May 20, 2011

Dallas Morning News has Leppert a "Loser" in Dallas Mayors Race

Tom Leppert must be counting on Dallas to be his base in trying to replace Kay Bailey. Two things are wrong with this scenario, Kay Bailey isn't that popular in Dallas and Tom Leppert didn't govern conservatively in Dallas.

First, look at how bad Governor Perry beat KBH in Dallas County. While he didn't get 50% of the overall vote, he did get just a tick over 50% of the early voting. No one, and I mean no one, expected the Governor to win her back yard - and he did.

Second, just examine the record - which we have done - and he is nowhere near a fiscal or social conservative. Fiscal conservatives do not raise taxes, do not saddle citizens with a City Owned hotel that will increase the debt (just about everywhere this has been tried has been a failure), do not go to liberal icons like Eddie Bernice Johnson with a hand out begging for federal dollars, etc. Social conservatives do not hire an openly gay chief of staff and march in gay pride parades.

So on both issues, he is a bust. Which leads us to to James Ragland of the Dallas Morning News placing Tom Leppert in the catagory of losers from last weekend's Mayor's race.
Was Leppert the biggest loser?
The former mayor has taken a rhetorical beating for leaving office early to run for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Kunkle has taken dead aim at Leppert’s “big-ticket” projects, and his message has gone over well in some quarters.

And, worse still, Leppert’s calculated attempts to paint himself as a true conservative took a hit when photos surfaced of Leppert sporting a Service Employees International Union T-shirt. (NOTE FROM RKBH: Don't forget the ACORN video too)

Leppert's campaign cannot be happy with his hometown newspaper pointing out he was a loser in the race. Natinsky even tried to convince voters that he was the Leppert choice and it got him to finish dead last. Republicans know that Leppert is not a Republican, and using Leppert to get the GOP failed big time.

What does Leppert do, does he stay in the race or does he switch teams?