Monday, May 2, 2011

Social Media Stats Update for month of April

Each month, we're going to do our best to keep track of how the candidates are doing with Social Media. It's important to we are also, for facebook, using their official site and not their personal site. It's the job of the candidate to get friends over to the official site. Also, from now on, the rank will be on the increase from the previous month:

Roger Williams 6,721 +741
David Dewhurst: 21,767 +407
Tom Leppert 1,429 +99
Michael Williams 7,921  +85
Ted Cruz 57,565

Ted is the clear leader in facebook fans, however, it's important to note that he purchased a lot of facebook ads to get his numbers up for the Attorney General's race. It might be interesting to find out what the TEC's take might be to use a FB account for a state race and transfer it to a federal race considering you can't use state funds for a federal campaign.

Michael Williams 1,663 Followers @williamsfortx +727
Tom Leppert 1,399 Followers @tomleppert +229
David Dewhurst 4,727 Followers @dewhurst4texas +189
Roger Williams 906 Followers @rogerforsenate +49
Ted Cruz 10908 Followers @tedcruz

We've added a new track, the number actual tweets. It's interesting to note how much they are using twitter and communicating to the voters. Some have had their account longer, so this is just a baseline for future months:

Dewhurst 654
Cruz 463
R Williams 390
T Leppert 281
M Williams 109