Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is it hypocrisy: Leppert Amnesty Website

The Tom Leppert campaign, perhaps in response to the overwhelming success of the Roger Williams microsite with its slick video attacking Barack Obama, has introduced a No Amnesty website (which by the way doesn't have its own unique URL).

Problem is, Tom Leppert oversaw a sanctuary city and backed the creation of an Office of Immigration Affairs "dedicated to assimilating immigrants, legal and illegal, into the city of Dallas" as described by the Dallas Morning News.

We talked about this in our most recent post describing how Tom Leppert was liberal as a Mayor and is running as a conservative for the United States Senate.

It may seem we are coming down hard on Tom Leppert, but they really are self inflicted wounds. A record is something that can be pointed to, and what voters base their judgement on. Barack Obama, like most Democrats, ran as a moderate leaning fiscal conservative (unless he had a slip of the tongue), but has governed as the most liberal President in American History.

Tom Leppert governed as a Liberal and wants Republicans to believe he is a conservative. The question is will Republican Primary voters believe the past or the present/future?