Friday, May 6, 2011

The Social Media Antagonists

If you've followed the candidates on twitter, you'll notice that they are starting to have antagonists flame their campaign. This can be a very useful tool, and thus a harmful one against whom it is directed, if used in moderation.

For @tomleppert, it's @FakeLyndon. This guy/gal is all over Leppert and is consistently pointing out his numerous flaws (in the eyes of @FakeLyndon of course). He doesn't reference a website that chronicles his comments

While @tedcruz has to deal with @lawyersandtaxes. While L&T doesn't just exclusively go after Cruz, they are a thorn in his side. They bring up an excellent point on his fundraising:
In reality, the numbers tell a different story.  According to the FEC, Cruz took in 61 donations over the federal contribution limit, including six donations over $9,000 and two $10,000 contributions received on the final day of the reporting period.  
Not mentioned by L&T there was the Ted Cruz acknowledgement that they have a high number of facebook users...but we chronicled an issue that is bound to come up and that is he used State Attorney General Campaign money to build a following that is benefiting a Federal U.S. Senate race campaign. It is a violation of federal law to use state money for a federal campaign, so if resources were used for one how does it affect the other...this is murky waters for sure. We have a lawyer whose worked FEC cases checking into this.

There are sure to be more antagonists show up - and we're going to point them out. This is what makes watching campaigns fun.