Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dewhurst Advocates for More Spending

David Dewhurst, in another sign that he is going to bypass the Senate race, advocated the state increase spending on public schools - making an argument that if the state funds education at a higher level it keeps the local school districts from raising taxes.
“We in the Senate believe that – at the end of the day – if we fund public education at the level that we are proposing –than local school districts won’t have to raise local school property taxes,” Dewhurst said. “... I don’t want to short public education and create a tax hike all around the state.”
One has to wonder how this will square with the Republican motto of local control especially when talk is again about abolishing the Department of Education. Advocating a state funding approach versus letting individual citizens fight local property tax increases seems to give a sign Dewhurst isn't going to seek a Senate race.

With the hiring of Dave Carney, Governor Perry's political guru, one would think there wouldn't be a rift between the two. Governor Perry is adamant about not tapping into the rainy day fund, and Dewhurst was asked about it during his press conference.
Dewhurst was also asked whether Gov. Rick Perry’s statement that “A budget that drains the Rainy Day Fund, depends on accounting gimmicks or spends more than available revenues is harmful and unsustainable for taxpayers, employers and state lawmakers alike.”
When asked, Dewhurst said, “I’m not going to get into a debate as to what Gov. Perry will do, what he said. As far as I’m advised, there’s nothing in the fiscal matters bill over at the House (SB 1811) that hasn’t been things we’ve passed in the past,” noting that the Legislature delayed payments in 2003.