Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Obama Texas Style - Roger Williams Campaign Responds

If there is one person who is very unpopular in Texas, it's President Barack Obama.  Last year, when Tropical Storm Hermine hit Texas - Governor Perry requested federal aid to assist Texans and he was denied by Obama.It was a bi-partisan request to the President that was flatly turned down.

Fast forward to a month ago when Texas was ravaged by wildfires. Again, request denied by Obama. As Ed Morrissey points out,
Critics might be tempted to point out that Texans like their 10th-Amendment independence, but Texans also fork over a lot of tax revenue that funds federal disaster relief, too. With over 2.2 million acres destroyed already — which equates to over 3400 square miles, or roughly seven times the size of Los Angeles, 50 times the size of DC, and three times the land area of Rhode Island — a federal declaration of disaster seems warranted, and the real question is why Barack Obama hasn’t acted.
Perhaps it's because the President simply doesn't like Texas? We know he doesn't like a certain Texas television reporter, Brad Watson, because he DARE ask him to answer questions.

Which brings us to today. The President is here in Texas and one Senate candidate has used the visit to remind voters the difference between what Obama is doing and what he would like to do if he were elected. Roger Williams' campaign created http://www.theobamaeconomy.com/ and included a very well done video described by Pajama Media Blogger Bryan Preston as being "movie trailer quality."

Williams twitter account has had constant activity all day long, generating a lot of buzz that included a morning interview on Dallas' WBAP Radio with Mark Davis, a regular fill-in for Rush Limbaugh.  The other candidates barely had anything out there in social media, nothing even coming close to what Roger William's team accomplished.

Governor Perry was masterful in using a us versus Washington DC attitude in his recent re-election campaign, and it looks like the Roger Williams team is continuing that focus. He is the only actual business owner in the race, something he has pointed out in the interviews he did the past 24 hours.

Today's advantage clearly goes to Roger Williams.

UPDATE: Today's events were also covered nationally by The National Review's Jim Geraghty and by The Daily Caller's Matt Lewis. It is this kind of national buzz the Williams campaign has to be happy they're getting.