Wednesday, May 25, 2011

RKBH Contacting Each Campaign

What would you like to have the candidates answer questions about their campaigns and this is your opportunity join in the fun! We will be sending out an email to each campaign team Friday asking them specific questions just like a virtual Republican Club - and we want to hear from you. If we get a good response, we will wait a few days and let more questions come in. We've already received emails suggesting some questions they would like to have answered that haven't seemed to come up in campaign stops - so we've already started, we just thought we would open it up to everyone.

So, please email us at or send us a twitter message @replacingkaybh with your question. We will compile them and post the questions here plus the email address we sent it to. We reserve the right not to ask stupid or blatantly abusive questions, but that doesn't mean we won't publish the question on here so people can see. We will, however, NOT publish the email address nor the name of the person asking IF they ask us not to. If you fail to ask us to withhold your email address and name, it could be published here. Perhaps pick a nickname if you would like.

So start sending in your questions!

UPDATE: We've already begun receiving questions, so far 2 for Tom Leppert and 1 each for Dewhurst, Roger Williams, and Michael Williams and 3 for Ted Cruz. Keep them coming, we're sending a combined email to each campaign and we'll see who answer them. Of course, we will publish the questions and let you know which ones they didn't answer as well.